Festival Season is here. Election Day is coming…Register to vote!

While you’re checking out some of your favorite artists and having a good time at music festivals this season, we want to remind you that there is a crucial election day coming up and you should be ready for it.

It starts by making sure you’re registered to vote. So while you’re waiting for the next set to come on or on the way to the venue, take out your phone out and head to www.RespectMyVote.com to check your voting status. It takes less than 2 minutes!



We’re teamed up with Broccoli City to ask everyone headed to the Broccoli City Music Festival this year to make sure they’re registered to vote. In addition to hosting some amazing artists like Cardi B, Migos, Miguel, Nipsey Hussle and more, Broccoli City does some innovative work to improve our communities and they know just how important our vote is to make a better future for all of us.

Turn your voice into power at the polls in upcoming elections on November 6th.



#RespectMyVote isn’t about a political party. It’s about our rights and using power to create solutions to vital issues that our leaders have for far too long ignored – including gun violence, police brutality, climate change, access to clean air and clean water, criminal justice reform, economic and social inequality, and affordable education and student debt, and more.

In its 10th year, our award-winning Respect My Vote! campaign is the most successful and longest running program that represents Hip Hop culture in the civic process by empowering young people and communities of color at the poll booth and protecting the right to vote against attacks.

We have the power to make change. Our movement is growing. Leaders who have failed us for so long are getting nervous. But it all starts with you. Prepare to vote now by making sure you’re registered at www.RespectMyVote.com.