North Carolina Voter Information

Facts At A Glance

Registration Deadline: October 12th (by mail)


Do First Time Voters Need ID?


Do All Voters Need ID?


Complete North Carolina Voter ID Laws

Do 1st time voters need ID? Yes
Do all voters need ID? Yes
Student ID accepted? No


What forms of ID are acceptable?

  • North Carolina driver’s license, including a learner’s permit or provisional license. May be expired up to 4 years.
  • North Carolina non-operators identification card (DMV ID Card).  May be expired up to 4 years.
  • Unexpired United States passport
  • United States military identification card (Unexpired, if there is an expiration date)
  • Veterans Identification Card (Unexpired, if there is an expiration date)
  • Tribal enrollment card issued by a federally recognized tribe.  Must be within 8 years of issue or if they have expiration date and are unexpired.
  • Tribal enrollment card issued by tribe recognized by North Carolina.  Must have expiration date and be unexpired.
  • Out-of-state driver’s license or non-operators identification card (valid only if the person’s voter registration date in the county is within 90 days of the date of the election)

Absentee Voting: 

There are no photo ID requirements for persons who vote a by-mail absentee ballot.

Curbside Voting:

Voters who cannot enter the polling place without assistance because of age or disability may vote from their vehicle. They may present a photo ID or official mail with their name and address to vote.

Voters without photo ID: 

Voters that are unable to obtain acceptable photo ID due to a reasonable impediment may still vote with a provisional ballot at the polls.   A reasonable impediment may include lack of proper documents, family obligations, transportation problems, work schedule, illness or disability.  Voters without photo ID must sign a documents describing the impediment they face and provide one of the following: last 4 digits of Social Security number, present current voter registration card, or present an acceptable official document with name and address.

If a voter has a sincere religious objections to being photographed or is a victim of a natural disaster may have additional options.  Contact with specifics of circumstances for details.