Voting is one of the most critical ways to exercise our power. When we align voting with speaking out, marching, advocating for policy, and coming together in community, we can affect change in the laws and systems that govern our society.

That’s why Hip Hop Caucus is focusing the 2020 Respect My Vote! campaign on mobilizing the vote across the nation, starting in five key states – Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, and Virginia. We are hosting 10 events focused on voter registration and getting out the vote through Election Day.

Join us virtually to discuss what’s at risk in this election and what we can do to make the world witness our power and influence when Black and Brown vote.

Tour Dates

October 1, 2020Florida - Voter Registration Rally (virtual)
October 2, 2020Georgia - Voter Registration Rally (virtual)
October 6, 2020North Carolina - Voter Registration Rally (virtual)
October 8, 2020Virginia - Voter Registration Rally (virtual)
October 13, 2020Michigan - Voter Registration Rally (virtual)
October 20, 2020North Carolina - Get Out the Vote Rally (virtual)
October 22, 2020Georgia - Get Out the Vote Rally (virtual)
October 25, 2020Louisiana - Get Out the Vote Rally (virtual)
October 27, 2020Virginia - Get Out the Vote Rally (virtual)
October 28, 2020Florida - Get Out the Vote Rally (virtual)
October 29, 2020Michigan - Get Out the Vote Rally (virtual)