Amber Rose Wants You To Respect Her Vote And SlutWalk

When people think of Amber Rose, a lot of times they associate her with two men she was in public relationships with. Rose has had songs written about her, rumors circulated and has been slut shamed, but despite what anyone may think of her, she seems to rise above it.

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Why This Scream Queen Wants You To Get Out & Vote

Refinery 29: Keke Palmer was overjoyed at the chance to vote for the first time in 2012. The Scream Queens star was psyched about the prospect of re-electing President Barack Obama, a leader she calls “a great man.” And she was “just so happy to see such a big change

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Charlotte personalities push the voting message

  The Charlotte Observer: “Charlotte Personalities Push the Voting Message” Darren “Tank” Sauls says it concerns him when he overhears people say “My vote doesn’t matter,” or – even worse – “I don’t vote.” “It’s important that we’re aware of the issues, we do our own research … and use

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Black Votes Matter

Chicago Defender: “Cover Story: Black Votes Matter” For the last two weeks, Americans have been inundated with non-stop coverage of both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention consuming the television airwaves. At the RNC, we witnessed a lack of diversity and message that continually rang throughout the

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Hip Hop Caucus Pushes for Clean Energy and Climate Justice

Voice America’s Go Green Radio “The Hip Hop Caucus pushes for Clean Energy and Climate Justice” Episode Description Today we’ll be joined by Hip Hop Caucus President and CEO Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. to discuss his work for climate justice and a new partnership with the 100 percent Campaign to

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