Tell us why you are voting!

We want to hear directly from you why you are voting in the 2020 election. By submitting a video, you will enter into a raffle to receive a FREE Respect My Vote! t-shirt and face mask. Please record a video of yourself and submit using the form below! 

Video Requirements

  • Acceptable file formats: .MP4, .MOV and .MPEG
  • Maximum file size: 1GB. The system will reject submissions larger than 1GB.
  • Videos should be recorded in horizontal/landscape (16:9, 1920×1080 preferable) format.
  • Your video should frame you from the shoulders up, with eye contact directly into your camera.
  • If possible, try to maintain a distance of two feet (max) from your recording device, or connect an external microphone to ensure you have good audio.
  • Please take into account your background environment to ensure it contrasts with the color of your shirt and is presentable/clean.