Voting is one of the most critical ways to exercise our power. When we align voting with speaking out, marching, advocating for policy, and coming together in community, we can affect change in the laws and systems that govern our society.

That’s why Hip Hop Caucus has focused its 2021 Respect My Vote! campaign on mobilizing the vote in Virginia. We’re hosting six events focused on voter registration and getting out the vote through Election Day, which is November 2, 2021.

RSVP for an event in your area by clicking the event link below.

Sept. 11, 2021St. Pauls - Voter Registration Festival
Sept. 23, 2021Hampton, VA - Voter Registration Event at Final Touch Barbershop and Salon
Oct. 7, 2021Norfolk, VA - Laugh To Keep From Crying Feat. Kristen Sivills
Oct. 15, 2021Norfolk, VA - Our Voice is Our Crown: Hip Hop Cypher at Purpose Park
Oct. 27, 2021Virginia Beach - Whine & Cheese: Movie Night at NOIR
Oct. 28, 2021Norfolk - Respect My Vote! presents RESPECT THE DJ Feat. Clips of Ain't Your Mama's Heat Wave