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The general election is Nov 8, 2022
Idaho, here’s all the info you need to know!

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Important Dates to know, Idaho!

New Voter Registration Deadline

Online by Sat Apr 23, 2022

Absentee Ballot Request Deadline

Received by Fri May 6, 2022 5:00PM MDT

Early Voting

Mon Oct 24, 2022
Fri Nov 4, 2022 5:00PM MDT

Can I Vote by Mail? (Absentee)

Received by Tue Nov 8, 2022 8:00PM MST
Received by Fri Oct 28, 2022 5:00PM MDT

Any registered voter may apply for an absentee ballot and vote by mail.

Am I eligible to register to vote?

You are eligible to vote in Idaho if you:
  • Are a U.S citizen
  • Are a resident of Idaho
  • Are at least 18 years old by Election Day
You are NOT eligible to vote in Idaho if:
  • You are currently serving a sentence including incarceration, parole, probation, or extended supervision for a felony conviction
  • You have been legally declared "mentally incompetent" or incapacitated by a court
Restorative Requirements
  • If you have completed a felony sentence, including any term of incarceration, parole, supervision, period of probation, or you have been pardoned, then you are immediately eligible to register to vote
Service members and their dependents may register and request a ballot using the federal voter registration/ballot request form ("FPCA"). You will have the following identification options when completing the form:
  • U.S. State or Territory or District Issued ID
  • Option to Indicate that you do not have the Requested ID
  • Last 4 Digits of your Social Security Number
U.S. citizens living abroad have the right to vote as absentee voters, provided they are eligible to vote in their state. If you are living outside of the U.S. permanently, indefinitely, or temporarily, your voting rights stay with you, even if you never voted when you lived in the U.S. To vote from overseas:
  • Complete and send an overseas voter registration/ballot request form to your election office in the U.S. This is one specific form that will register you as an overseas voter and request your absentee ballot – simultaneously.

Can I vote if I have a record?

Please use our eligibility tool to find out if you can vote.

I am a college student. Where do I register to vote?

Idaho’s formal laws make it difficult for students to establish residency. Under Idaho law, “residence” for voting purposes is a person’s “principal or primary home.” Those who do not have plans to remain in the state indefinitely may not be able to establish residency. Your residence is your fixed place of habitation, the place where you intend to return after being away for any length of time. The law explicitly states that a voter does not establish residence in Idaho if “he comes for temporary purposes only, without the intention of making it his home but with the intention of leaving it when he has accomplished the purpose that brought him there.”

Will I need ID?

To register to vote in Idaho you should provide one of the following:
  • Your Idaho Driver's License Number
If you do not have this ID you may alternatively provide:
  • Last Four Digits of your Social Security Number
In order to complete your voter registration in Idaho, you will need to provide a proof of residency along with your photo ID. Accepted documents include:
  • Current and Valid Photo ID
  • Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Government Check, or Paycheck that Shows your current name and address
  • Government Issued Document that shows your current name and address
If you are registered to vote in Idaho, you are required to show a photo ID to vote; or, you may instead sign an affidavit or similar document. Accepted forms of ID include:
  • Valid Federal Issued ID
  • Valid Idaho Driver's License
  • Valid Student ID
  • Valid US Passport
  • Valid Idaho Issued ID
  • Valid Tribal ID
  • License to Carry Concealed Weapon or Firearm

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