Hip Hop Caucus President and CEO, Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. went on “Good Morning Washington” to discuss the launch of the 2016 Respect My Vote! campaign. The live segment, which aired Tuesday, March 15th, featured Hip Hop Caucus as a national organization whose mission is to connect the hip hop community to the civic process.

Rev Yearwood spoke about Hip Hop Caucus’ “Supreme Justice” campaign and the importance of teaching young voters about the role of the Supreme Court and the nomination process to the court given the vacancy the President and Senate need to fill on the bench.

Rev Yearwood also discussed the support of hip hop’s biggest celebrities in mobilizing young voters who are energized by the opportunity to make change through policy and the political process. Rev Yearwood ended the interview with a powerful message to young people: “People died for you to vote. People died for you to make sure your voice can be heard.”

The full segment is here: http://wjla.com/features/good-morning-washington/hip-hop-caucus-connecting-the-hip-hop-community-to-the-civic-process

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