In a much anticipated interview, Birdman stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning and things quickly escalated. He was upset and immediately cursed them out before the interview even began. “I want to start this s*** off straight by telling all three of ya’ll to stop playing with my name! Stop playing with my f****** name!”

Charlamagne Tha God asked him to address what the issue was but he refused to do so. He stated that he had already talked about it. He told Charlamagne Tha God that he wanted to see him like a man to his face. He knew a few places where he was at and could have pulled up but he didn’t think that was gansta so he wanted to look him in his face.

Charlamagne questioned if he had pulled up on Rick Ross or Trick Daddy like that, both of which had made comments about Birdman while on The Breakfast Club. This made him upset and stated that he’s pulling up on him. After Charlagmane stated that he’s the radio guy, “Why are you pulling up on the radio guy?” he decided to walk out of the interview.

Check out interview below to see what went down.

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