Announcing our 2012 106 & Park Respect My Vote! Representatives…

Every Tuesday, between now and Election Day, our three dynamic Respect My Vote! Representatives will be on air talking about voter registration, voter education and get out the vote tools and resources for the 106 & Park viewing audience. They will also be registering every eligible person in the studio audience to vote. So tune in on Tuesdays, and get your weekly dose of Respect My Vote! on BET’s 106 and Park.

Tradell Hawkins

Find Tradell on Twitter: @4THawk

Tradell Hawkins is a recent college graduate from Michigan State University with a Bachelor in Social Relations and Policy, hailing from Chicago, Ill.

He has always been very involved in advocacy, serving as the Black Student Alliance President at M.S.U. and throwing own events such as the Black Power Rally, featuring Dick Gregory, to Strolling for Political Awareness, registering over 100 student voters.

Currently, Tradell, like so many young people is working to build a career for himself. He lives in New York city where he is working as a model and actor by day and serves as Bartender at the Red Rooster in Harlem by night.

Tradell has joined the Hip Hop Black Caucus and Respect My Vote! campaign in order to assist fellow youth who aren’t aware of the complex structures in place to keep them from voting this election. As well as helping the Hip Hop community understand that their individual votes can make or break this election!

Meah Denee

Find Meah on Twitter: @NoAvg_Model

Meah Denee is from Raeford, North Carolina, and is a 2012 graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After earning her B.A in Communication Studies and minor in Journalism and Mass Communication she moved to California and worked as a Camera Technician Intern at Clairmont Camera. During the summer she was able to work several productions as a Production Assistant, and she realized that her heart belongs on the east coast focusing on modeling, and producing and directing her own projects. Meah is passionate about projects that  motivate and educate the communities of color, by showing them a more positive image of themselves and their abilities.

Meah says, “I feel the Respect My Vote! campaign is imperative during this election, especially for minority groups who are not as educated in politics and their voting rights. I want to educate teens and adults that are misrepresented and misinformed about their rights and how powerful their votes and voices are. Although celebrities and politicians can be great role models I think it is important to show how regular citizens can help their communities by first being educated, second finding their voice and third making an effort to do more in their community.”

Jordan Rock

Find Jordan on Twitter: @JordanRock843

Jordan Rock is a new voter himself, but is passionate about and ready to educate young voters on the importance of voting and help them learn more about the process.  Growing up in South Carolina he’s seen 1st hand the cut in teachers in classrooms and the lack of jobs state wide.  If he can get at least one new voter, educated, registered and to the polls on November 6th, his goal will be reached.

Jordan is also a talented comedian, working hard to make his name in the New York comedy scene. Seeing this calm, poised young comedian on stage it’s easy to forget that Jordan Rock is 21 years old . That’s because he speaks with a wisdom and candor well beyond his age.  Of course being mentored by big brothers Chris and Tony Rock doesn’t hurt either. With that kind of rep to live up to – it’s hard not to deliver, and deliver is exactly what Jordan does night after night. Bright, versatile and instantly likeable, this young man has already established himself as a legitimate act and earned the respect of his peers. Being born in the same Brooklyn NY home that already spawned comedic greatness but raised in the semi-rural setting of Georgetown S.C. Rock’s diverse Roots make it easy for him to relate his message to any crowd.

Find the campaign on Twitter: @HipHopCaucus #RespectMyVote

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