Respect My Vote! is all about discussing the issues affecting our communities and how by voting we can make a positive impact on the issues. However, in general we feel there are some basic vital reasons to vote that reflect our democratic values and the desire for a better working government for all people.  So this week, we are giving you a top five list of reasons to register and vote. When someone asks you, why vote? Remember these simple but powerful answers:

1.    Every Vote Counts

As Americans we value everyone’s voice being heard.  The only way to make this happen is to get involved and make sure you registered.  Don’t assume you’re just one voice that doesn’t matter; know that you’re one of many and together we can evoke change in our communities.

2.    Empowerment

Voting ensures that we have some sort of control over what happens in our communities and to our families and loved ones.

3.    Civic Duty

As Americans we should be proud that we have democratic values that allow everyone the right to vote.  Thus, it’s a duty as a responsible citizen to exercise that right and help govern our country in a fair way.  So make it your priority to find out where or how you register to vote, when your state’s deadline is to register to vote, and where you vote this November.

4.    Equality

Getting registered and exercising your right to vote is the best way to ensure all citizens are treated fairly and are guaranteed the same rights no matter their education, background or financial status.

5.    Strengthening Our Community

When you register to vote you’re strengthening the bond between you and other citizens as we all actively engage in ensuring our rights, having our voices heard about issues affecting our people, and maintaining the fairest form of government.
Respect My Vote! wants you to register now and VOTE!




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